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About Tina

After 6 years in catholic school, 7th grade went public. Tina became 7th grade President. She has always been a leader and not a follower. With 5 kids in the family she knew how to stand out while being a team player. She learned how to carve her own identity but still have a caring heart.

High school days she showed her horse in Rodeos, skied the local mountain and was captain of the softball team and was also modeling for SEARS and John Robert Powers in High School. 


After High School, Marinello's Beauty College, Then off to the Big Bear Family home to work at Snow Valley Ski Resort. Tina tended to have a wild restless nature and she then became a bit she went off to school in San Diego to Study Food & Nutrition and earned her Bachelors.

Tina then moved to Corona del Mar, Attending Orange Coast College while on The Co-ed Volleyball team and Track team. 


While living in Newport Beach, she won a 10K, a Newport Beach Tennis Club Round Robin, Competed in a TECATE, Ensenada Bike Race, a Marathon and placed 133 out of 3,000 in a Local Triathlon!

While working at Richard Ouellettes Salon, Richard asked her to run for Miss US Ski Team. Taking 8th place!

She worked at a few local Newport Beach Salons, then opened her own nail salon, Natural Nail Care in Corona del Mar, CA.

Tina was then married at 35 years of age, 1 year later found herself affected by an immune health issue. She was then introduced to Thomas Tierney and he was on the Board of UCI and is well known as one of the biggest Philanthropists in Orange County. She became truly impressed with his credentials that she joined hands in Business with Tierney in 1992 known as Bodywise.

In addition; Tina earned 3 years of CME Credited courses in Nutrition from The top Doctors in their fields through Thomas Tierney.

With Tina's amazing results and recovery, she spread the word to her close friends and family is still continuing to do so. 

After she fully recovered in 1995, she competed in "The Eco Challenge" with a team of Pro Athletes and her husband.

The team took 1st place on the 3rd day. 

Tina retired at age 43 in Aspen Colorado. She became restless again in her enthusiastic nature and decided to attend Aspen Cooking School. You could say that adventure has always played a big role in her life. 

She then was offered a part time position running a Kitchen for SKI CO. for 100 Children at Big Burn. 


She later returned to California, she went to work at Villa Cucina, The number 1 cooking school and kitchen for 3 years. She became known as "The Recipe girl", infamously known always being excited about food, writing hand written recipes for clients, getting asked to participate in events and she secretly became famous for food. But in a Healthy way. 

She then decided to Publish her first cook book and asked her high school boyfriend who is now The established Artist, "Robert Lyn Nelson" if he could paint an exuberant colorful painting for her book.

In honor of Roberts help, Tina has always wanted to help motivated successful individuals continue to thrive with success. Tina has worked with well known Fitness Models to CEOs, Doctors, Celebrities and local great people. 

At age 59 Tina was crowned Mrs. Corona del Mar Ambassador. 

Tina's motto is and always will be: 

"You are what you eat & think! 

Never stop, health and heart is #1!"

Gods Speed.... 

Tina Richards

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