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 Katrina MillerAustralian Bmx Racer

"World Cup Title with Tina's Nutrition

 Ron Heller Former NFL

"My body is running like a Ferrari since

 I started taking Bodywise"

 Shane & Karen Huntoon

"Bmx Racers"

 Shooting for Olympic gold with Bodywise

 behind us"

E.J Johnson-

Stand up Paddle Board Winner

Click to See Video

Viviana Soldano Fabrizio
International Fitness Model 
Mary Kaminski
MK Fitness-Ms.Bikini 2011 & Mrs. Latina Global 2014

Deborah Mariana Texeira

Masters of Science with honors in Counseling Physchology

Certified Wellness Coach

Tina's Bodywise Associate

Owner of "Stellar fitness" Deborah & Associates

Deborah, Stephanie & Tina

Stephanie Lloyd

Friendship of 25 Years and new business

emerging towards Healthy living through 

Tina's tips and nutritional guidance

Ann Lesley Smith 

Socialite, Chaplain, Model & Singer

"Tina's salad with the mandarin oranges was a hit for the birthday party I did at my vinyard estate for Princess Mahima and Prince Birghuraj. Of course I served various Indian dishes but Tina's salad was the one that everybody ate. Completely empty in 2 minutes after everybody started eating, my guests asked for more!"

CECE  is a local Orange County designer inspired by some of the world's most beautiful beaches, both locally and internationally, as designer of this crystal blue persuasion, CECE's aspiration to capture island life in her coastal collection LA ISLA VIDA (Click to view her Website)

When Tina met Cece, she was suffering from a stomach issue. Tina wanted to help right away to help her feel better. Then Tina started a wellness program for Cece and she has recieved great results as well as she loves the protein shakes and flavors by Tina. 

Cece Leyton

Mary Seman PsyD, Intuitive Body Work

Working with Tina and using Body wise products, I can tell by holding them in my hands that they were the real deal. Energetically clean, I was excited to start. I couldn't wait to start and end my day with am/pm. I sleep through the whole night and am refreshed in the morning. The shakes taste like yellow cake mix batter, my stomach feels happy and I am not bloated! The product is clean and built with high integrity. I am on a whole new life Journey! Thank you Tina!

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