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Let's clean up your emotional life... with nutrients so your body can respond with energy to handle life!

When you spend your life enjoying activity and go to two colleges for education and health... along the way many fitness titles and at one point living on over 4000 calories a day & dont believve in supplements because in the 70s it wasn't discussed. 

At age 35 when your body drops off and all of your doctor friends can only suggest a drug or a chemical, you go searching for a natural re build. No hype or gimmick... I found it! 

My reason for choosing Bodywise is the lab credentials, the man behind the product, his knowledge, integrity and heart, Thomas T. Tierney. 

Click here to learn about Thomas T. Tierney 

He created aceous coating. Spent a million dollars to design a stainless steel machine to spray plant and water, to compress raw nutrients into tablet form assayed 3 times before use.

"It's not what others put in their product, it's what they are willing to leave out- but I won't. -Thomas T. Tierney. 

   Raw, Kosher, FDA Lab, pharmaceutical grade, gluten free, Non Gmo and more.... 

  AM - 23 Nutrients

   Meant to help with energy and stress throughout the day 

  PM -23 Nutrients  -

   Rebuild and repair during sleep realm, Detox at night, support heart health & cortisol, Ward off    obesity, extremely important. 

  CoEnzyme Q10+

  • 95% of energy production depends on coenzyme Q10

  • Helps restore more youthful levels of the “energy molecule”*

  • Helps replenish the drop in CoQ10 levels caused by statin medications*

Pharmaceutical Grade Coenzyme Q10 – Plays a vital role in the production of cellular energy and converting food into energy. Also helps safeguard telomeres, the protective protein end caps on chromosomes, which research suggests may be a key to robust health and longevity.*

Vitamin E – This powerful antioxidant protects the cardiovascular system by helping reduce damage caused by free radical molecules.*

Quercetin – Scientific studies suggest that this flavonoid, found naturally in fruits and vegetables, can help protect and repair cells, and reduce inflammation-causing enzymes.*Bodywise is made in the purest form (yellow)


To learn more about Q-10 Contact Tina Here

AG Immune/Ai/E 10TM Research Validation

Orally absorbable immunomodulator that enhances leukocyte

anti-effective and cyto-toxic activities. Normalizing Immune function,

double blind evidence that cytokines, peptides, molecules normalize immune function. 




Elance Protein

Designed by Dr.Bill Wheeler- White house nutritionists under Reagan and Carter

Took two years to develop with technology to develop as a meal more amino acids than any formula to build lean body mass, 1 gram of sugar from a bean source, 20 grams of protein from 9 peptides (purest form) of protein. Taste like yellow cake mix batter. I have developed many recipes full of nutrients and low in sugar. Best thing is.... The Price! $34.99 a Jug, 20 meals! 

With every order I will send reciepes and coach your success for free.

My purpose is health and beauty!


Another Important Nutrient for Gut Health
Organic scrubs, lotions, soaps, heel balms, Deodorants, bubble baths and more;
Very economical 
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